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So basically my mom kinda decided that she was tired of me being fat and that she was going to do something about it. Please keep in mind that I am aware of my weight, I do need to lose weight, and I'm not morbidly obese or something. I've always been big, it comes with the huge 'n tall territory. But I guess going to college lead to a bit more weight gain than I really wanted. Blah blah blah, cue three years later and my mom is offering to pay $300 a month if it means I lose weight.

So this is what I've been eating for awhile. I've not been very strict about it, unfortunately, but you'll probably understand why after these pictures.

This is what I had for dinner tonight:

Seems appetizing enough, I enjoy meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I don't get the pickles at all, but whatever. Now lets see what's inside...

Hmmm. A bit of disparity here. I see a lot of the tomato sauce and a hint of potatoes. Also, for scale, this is a really tiny portion. I mean, that's cool, I understand why. But it just looks sad. Maybe it'll look better after I microwave it?

HOLY MASHED POTATOES, BATMAN. Okay, I nuked it and flipped it upside down, and this is the sight that greeted me. They looked like plastic and took up the bulk of the container. This plate is a small desert size plate so there wasn't any magical enlargement here.

Now we go inside...

I don't think potatoes are supposed to stay in one piece like that. :T And the meat...ehhh. Oh well. It's dinner. I had some rather tasty  mini chocolate chip and walnut cookies for desert, so there is that.

And I ate most of it. It doesn't taste terrible, it's just kinda...meh. Not amazingly delicious as the commercials or the box wants you think, but not completely disgusting. The only one I've come across as COMPLETELY terrible is the chicken alfredo. That almost made me barf.

I hope you enjoyed this delicious foray into the world of freak space food.

Oh, why do I call it space/future food? None of it has to be refrigerated. At all. It reminds me of Firefly/Serenity with the weird protein paste that they can make into anything and everything. Because I'm pretty sure that's what all this is.

On the upside? The bars and some of the just-add-hot-water lunch meals are actually pretty tasty. Some of my favorites are the macaroni and cheese with beef, alfredo (not the chicken alfredo, just plain alfredo), and some of the soups and stuff. Except for the ham and bean soup, that shit was gross.

Oh well. I don't have to pay for good I guess...


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